vendredi 23 novembre 2012

Week-end reflection contest - C'est la lutte finale

I not very present at the moment on the web because I'm helping a cause (and there is so much to do...) : we are still trying to get an aknowlement on the governemental new airport project in my area, the Loire-Atlantique. It should be built in Notre Dame des Landes, a village right in the middle of a preserved ecological piece of land, but it will also slice down the price of real estate in a countyside were the crise already strike hard on the matter.

Here is more information on the subject, for those who are interested :

So my reflection of the week will be a little political, I'm sorry for those who does not feel concerned :

translations : white sticker of the left : Bees or GMO, we must chose - yellow sticker on the right : No to the Airport of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes - white sticker below : SOS Bee Swarm of Loire-Atlantique

The house you see reflected on this car glass rear is the Town Hall of St Gildas des Bois.

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