vendredi 15 février 2013

Weekend reflection contest - Heaters are cat's best friends

Looking for the hot spot !
That is a warm reflection...

"Don't disturb me with your camera : can't you see I'm trying to sleep here ?!"

"Heaters are cats best friends, poupoupidou !"

It is so hard to be a cat...

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17 commentaires:

  1. Cats sure do know what they like! :)

  2. A little food, a little warmth and they can sleep all day. delightful shots!

  3. Entertaining! Your capture of "Don't disturb me" is my favorite! Have a great weekend:)

  4. That cat has a good life.

    Thanks for the link to your video of the ibis group. Yes, they did the same thing as the ones I photographed for today's post. In, out, in, out . . .

  5. Ce chat si gentil ... J'aime la perspective dans ce cadrage créatif! Salutations.

  6. my neighbor's cat likes to sleep on my car bonnet.

  7. Hi 'Tsuki, Your cat is so lucky! What a wonderful, cozy, place to be. Have a great weekend! John

  8. se qu il est beau et quelle belle vie ;o)

  9. It is very kind of you to provide such a lovely home for your cat ;>) He looks very happy with it.

  10. hee hee...
    «Louis» a un ami avec un chat orange qui ferait la même chose!

  11. Un chat qui prend de la hauteur.


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